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Operation: X-13

Our award winning online experience Operation: X-13 is

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Join with friends anywhere around the world!

This is an online live-streaming adventure, you will control a live character in the actual room in order to complete your mission.

Just $79 for your whole team! (Two connections included)

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What the experts are saying about Operation: X-13 Online:


Escape Authority

“Operation: X-13 online sets a whole new standard for their storyworld immersion.”
Rating: 6 Keys (Out of 5)



“We’ve played close to 30 remote escape rooms from all over the world by now and this was by far one of the best overall experiences we’ve had. From the creativity of the story, puzzle design, camera clarity and sturdiness, set design with special effects, user friendly inventory list, and avatar’s character were all spot on!”
Rating: We don’t do ratings anymore on rooms but if we could, we would give them a perfect score.


Escape Room Adventurers

“The singular greatest thing about Operation X-13 during our remote experience was, hands-down, our in room Game Master/Avatar, the “Recruit.” The game was a great time on it’s own, but the inclusion of so much personality and character from our GM truly made this room special.
Rating: 9.5 (out of 10)


Review the Room

Operation X-13 has woven an explanation for why we’re working remotely into the story, immediately drawing us into the world, and with the interaction between the team and our Recruit, the game was almost something closer to virtual immersive theatre, with a few puzzles for fun.
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


Escape Mattster

“Emotions ran high, and as a result, this conclusively made me decide my online adventure was actually superb–yes, you read that right–to my past irl game. Say whattt?”
Rating: “Operation X-13 (Online)” officially joins the “MUST DO!!!” rank!